Virtual Visits

Virtual Studio Visits

The entire world has shifted.

As the entire world has shifted to virtual contexts, I have begun to explore what it will take to bring visitors virtually into my studio.  For me, the most magical part of glass is when it is molten, and being able to share this magic with people who have never been able to experience it has always been a part of the Lemon Glass Mobile Studio concept.  


I will soon be launching a live stream of the studio with an interactive chat that will allow visitors to participate in choosing colors, make requests for things they would like to see me make, and to have the opportunity to purchase the items they watch me create–as they would have if they visited my booth at a street fair.  


Lemon Glass Studio

It is very fitting that Lemon Glass Studio is a mobile hot shop, as it has been more a journey than a destination. My entire studio packs into a trailer intended to pull a personal mobility scooter, small enough to be pulled by my tiny Honda Fit.

These days, I get up hours before dawn, hitch the trailer, and drive to a small gated lot in North Hollywood, CA. I unload and assemble the Mini Dragon furnace, set up my shade tent, and gather and arrange my tools. By 6:00A.M, I begin melting glass while I take in the sunrise and my first cup of coffee.

When I envisioned Lemon Glass, I thought I would be setting up at farmers markets, street fairs, house parties, and weddings–not in an intentionally empty parking lot. But then, none of us envisioned life in Covid Times, and we’ve all had to adapt.

This journey has always been about making the most of what life throws at me, and right now that is getting to work in my studio 40 hours per week, developing product lines, and growing into my studio in a parking lot by myself.